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Explosive Jump training (VertiMax 8)

The Explosive Jump training (VertiMax 8) program develops vertical explosion and power, by focusing on building strength, speed and quickness.

The Explosive Jump training (VertiMax 8) effectively develops all athletes from Youth to Professional athletes, through adjusting resistance location for sport specific movement development along with customizing a program to fit your needs and goals.

The Explosive Jump training (VertiMax 8) focuses on the following:
  • explosively loading
  • generating power
  • single & double leg powerful movement
  • hip flexion and extension
  • range of motion
  • increasing explosive power through leg and arm drive
The Explosive Jump training (VertiMax 8) will develop athletes in a private 1v1 setting or small group.
This is where you gain powerful vertical leaping ability and sport specific movement development at Perfect Performance Sports Training Facility 
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Monthly Fees:

  • 12 (30 min) VertiMax Training Sessions $250.00*
  • 8 (30min) VertiMax Training Sessions $200.00*
  • 4 (30 min) VertiMax Training Session $120.00*

*All Explosive Jump Training (VertiMax 8) will be 30 min long and will be conducted in a private 1v1 setting on the following days:

Monday           5pm – 9pm
Tuesday          5pm – 9pm
Wednesday     5pm – 9pm
Thursday         5pm – 9pm
Friday              5pm – 9pm
Saturday          9am – 1pm
Sunday            10am – 2pm

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