Speed & Strength Academy

The PP Strength and Speed Academy will focus on developing our athletes from a sports performance perspective.  Specifically, we will focus on the following:

  • - Flexibility/dynamic mobility/muscle activation/balance
  • - Core strength and stability
  • - Explosive Power
  • - Absolute strength
  • - Acceleration/deceleration mechanics
  • - Agility/quickness mechanics
  • - Top speed mechanics

PP Rookies-Athletes ages 7-10

The PP Rookie curriculum is designed to introduce youth athletes to the foundational components of sports performance training.

PP Junior Varsity-Athletes ages 11-14

The PP JV curriculum is designed to advance the foundational concepts of sports performance training.

PP Varsity-Athletes ages 15-18

The PP Varsity curriculum is designed to prepare high school athletes to perform at an elite level as well as prepare them for college athletics.

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