TEAM SPORTS INJURY CONSULTING is a sports medicine company focused primarily on the needs of high level athletes and artists, and those aspiring to excel to the next level. Our staff consists of various medical professionals who all have significant experience in the medical, physical and mental health needs of those individuals who push their bodies to the limits so that others can experience their passion. Our new Columbia, MD office will be our primary location for physical therapy services, and will be a fee-for-service based practice that will allow us to give elite-level individualized care to our patients without the worry of a crowded clinic. We have partnered with Perfect Performance (PP) to create a great training space with the sole focus of getting better, stronger and faster together. In this office we will also offer a “training room” plan where members can have access to various modalities, stretching and localized soft tissue treatment before and/or after their training sessions. We are excited about growing and expanding, and we look forward to meeting your needs in the near future.