At Perfect Performance, the safety and well being of our employees, athletes, and patrons has always been our top priority. In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our mission continues to be to provide a safe environment for our athletes.

Since our reopening in June, we have worked diligently to implement and execute COVID-19 specific safety guidelines and procedures. These guidelines and procedures remain a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our athletes, employees, and patrons.

UPDATED 1/15/2021

  1. FACE COVERINGS: Required at all times.
  2. PLAYERS ONLY: No spectators are allowed in the building at this time.
  3. TEMPERATURE CHECK: Everybody entering the building must get a temperature check.
  4. PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Practice/training agendas must promote physical distancing (greater than 6’) and avoid contact. High fives and handshakes or other close contact activities are prohibited.
  5. HYGIENE: All coaches, parents, and players are required to have a personal/individual bottle of hand sanitizer to utilize before, during, and after practice, games, and/or training. There are several hand sanitizing stations throughout the Perfect Performance Sports Training facility, and we encourage all patrons to use them frequently.