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Crozier’s Five Tool Baseball Academy


The Five Tools of Baseball

Hitting for Average

Develop a consistent hand path and sound hitting mechanics through swing analysis and drill series to create better in-game habits. Batting Average is arbitrary; consistently squaring the ball up is what leads to a better average. Take the right first step to becoming a better hitter with a free hitting assessment with one of our coaches.

Hitting for Power

Develop a lower half mindset with an emphasis on weight transfer and staying behind the ball through a professional drill series. Develop greater weight transfer and extension to increase your power numbers.

Running Speed

Better your 60-yard dash time, as well your overall base running through our speed and strength program. Become a threat to the opposing pitcher whenever you’re in between those white lines. Come in for a free speed and strength assessment.


Enhance your fielding ability with soft hands and lateral agility drills offered through private instruction. You will see immediate increase in your fielding percentage.

Arm Strength

Incorporate your lower half more into your throwing to create less stress on your arm. Give your arm the opportunity to develop the right way with us, giving yourself more flexibility to play any position.

Our qualified professional/positive coaches are here to meet the needs of the athlete making this the #1 baseball-training program in the area.

Small Group Hitting Instruction:

With a one-on-one feel (maximum 4:1 athlete to coach ratio) focusing on the details of a players swing and improving his technique, power and consistency at the plate. This hitting instruction is personalized but within a small group session that reinforces larger hitting concepts. Come for a free assessment and see how we could transform you as a hitter.

Baseball Clinics:

Our one day clinics focus on one skill/technique of the game.  In the 5 hour clinic our coaching staff wants to help you improve your game through a focused approach of drill and instruction. C5TBA has hosted one day clinics on hitting for power, catching, infield play, and a host of other topics.

Baseball Camps:

Come spend a week working on your game, learning baseball at a high level and having fun with your friends. Eric Crozier and his team of positive professional coaches will spend the week helping you improve your skills. Our camps range in age groups as well as skill levels. Contact us for information about upcoming fall and winter camps.

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